Friday, March 17, 2006

When Are You Coming Out?

Apparently, my best friends 4 youngest sisters know about me being gay. A few weeks back she called and said that during a phone call with a sister she was asked when I was going to come out. Those in their early twenties are a little bit more in tune with the world than people who are older. They recognized immediately the situation because Gretch has a little rainbow sticker on her car. I told her before she has to add some animals two by two to the whole thing but she hasn't gotten around to it......
My best friend has had to out me on several occasions now. I feel bad that she has had to answer this to people, but she is doing quite a good job.

Also during the last months chaos, the family across the street from by best friend moved. The woman has a sister who lives out in California who is a lesbian.
When the neighbor next door asked my best friend who was moving in she passed along that it was a family with two small children. The woman somehow heard lesbians in the conversation and went to the family moving and asked, horrified, if it were true.
Now, if I wasn't paranoid about the whole suburban life before, I have upped it a few notches. The lady moving told her she heard wrong, but did not question her behavior. She was upset by the woman's pathetic fears as of course was my best friend when she found out. I was made to feel once again that something is wrong with me. This kind of reminds me of the situation at work when a teacher said she wouldn't sit in a pew with a homosexual and I made sure she did. She invited me to spend the fourth of July one year with her family also. I guess I will just have to befriend this woman on the block. You can't reason with people, or talk them out of such fears. You have to be yourself and make them realize you are no different than anyone else.


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