Saturday, February 04, 2006

Can't Keep Them Forever

This week added yet another sad reminder that life is short. My little Siamese that my best friend got from a coworker sixteen years ago when we lived in Michigan died this week. It was totally unexpected. As I was leaving the house the other day I called out to the cat. She usually comes out for food before I leave in the late afternoon. She didn't come, so I went to search for her. I saw her sleeping peacefully in the middle of my best friends bed curled up like she usually is. I called to her again and she didn't move. I went and knelt down and then I knew.
I was not immediately sad, I kind of smiled and thanked God for letting me have her and that she went peacefully without being sick. I am assuming her heart just stopped and that was it.
My best friend and the kids were downstairs at the time. I wanted to tell my friend and then have her break it to the kids, but it didn't work well. She wouldn't come in the room, asked point blank what was wrong and then immediately got hysterical in front of the kids when I told her.
I wanted to go home and cry, but Gretch had her sister and niece coming to dinner. I pulled it together for dinner and then I was just exhausted and went to bed.

The next night we had a little funeral in the backyard. I can't remember her not being with us. She had a little personality and was more acting like a little dog than a cat. Once, when we went on vacation while living in Michigan we asked some neighbors to watch her. When we got back the neighbors were gone, moved out suddenly with our cat. We pleaded with the owners to give us a forwarding address and it was actually out of town. When we called they asked if they could keep her and we said no, have her back the following day. We were so afraid to open the door when we got home the next day, but she ran out when we did and we were thankful to get her back.
Another neighbor asked to keep her when we moved back here to our home state. She was a beautiful cat and so loving. I wished I could have brought her to the condo when I moved with Gretch, but since her cat died and we didn't have mine, I haven't had one asthma attack. I know I shouldn't have had her in the first place, but I will never forget the hundereds of times I cried to her when nobody else was there for me.
Rest in peace my little kitty, I will miss you greatly.


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