Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Off To See the Witches!

I am home thankfully! We had a rough week getting my mom to understand that she has to totally change her life to continue living. I am happy to say that my mom, on her own, got up and went to rehab, and cooked a turkey fillet for dinner today. I mean this is a person who ate processed crap from a can, box, or fast food restaurant and only left her chair when she absolutely had to. She has lost 22 pounds! Christmas Eve, Day, and the day after where difficult because of all the parties, but she did it. I pray she can continue. She has a very long way to go and it will be difficult. She has had both hips replaced, has a bad knee that probably needs replacing, and terrible arthritis throughout. Just walking across the room is quite painful.

Gretch was so good about letting me lean on her while I was gone. I am sure my phone calls were about as fun to listen to as the beginning paragraph of this post was to read. I ruminate and worry nonstop! It wasn't really fair because Gretch felt very lonely here without me. We have to address the holiday issue soon.
We have a lot to address actually and we have to make some decisions.
We have been getting along so much better the past two months. I really think my mom's heart attack has made us both realize that silly little issues are just that..silly.

Anyway, for the next few days I am not going to even think a negative thought.
We are off to see Wicked in Chicago!! No it isn't New orleans, but it is a wonderful mini vacation that we both really need. Yippi!


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