Thursday, December 08, 2005

Um.... Sure, I Can Meet For Lunch

I'm still working on anxiety issues. It does not help that I have to have lunch alone with the prin. tomorrow. Seems there are some issues that have come up with the volunteer who replaced me. Well, well, well.....

Mom had her doctor appointment today and although her stomach issues have disappeared her blood pressure was still extremely high. It doesn't make sense.

Tomorrow is going to be so long. More classes visiting, lunch, a Christmas concert for one of the kids, teeth cleaning, and a holiday party with Gretch's stepfamily tomorrow night.
It makes me tired to just think about it.

We seem to be having one blizzard after another this month. I guess it will be nice for Christmas to have lots of snow, but lets hope for a calm January. People just do not know how to drive.

I am craving Thai food. It is all I ever want and I guess that is a good thing. I am two pounds away from what I was when Gretch and I went to Florida for spring break almost two years ago. I am really hoping to keep on track this time.
I hope Christmas doesn't break me!


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