Monday, December 05, 2005

Paid In Full!

I made my last payment on the SUV today!! I am so happy to not have that hanging over my head from now on. It was exactly four years ago at the end of this month that I got it. I was afraid to drive it off the lot. Two accidents, a double sided keying, and a broken windshield later.... Don't ever purchase a brand new car people! I already have 71,000 miles on the thing, but it still looks nice inside and out because I try to take care of it. You would never know it has been badly damaged. I am going to run it into the ground, hopefully that means years!!

The decorating is complete. It is so comfy and cozy at night with the lights on the tree, fireplace, and village. It is going to be such a test now to go to school tomorrow night. I know I will just want to come home. It will take everything I have to force myself.

Gretch is debating with people on a Spanish message board. It is so cute! She has an international dictionary and map spread out, and is trying to be all smart about European history. That's my gypsy girlfriend.


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