Sunday, November 13, 2005


Gretch and I spent Saturday doing some significant talking about the future. I think we needed to do that since some large life issues have been surfacing. She found out that even if she puts my name on the condo, if she dies the condo would go to her family. She could will it to me, but I would have to pay taxes. We have to give up the condo because she doesn't trust that her family would recognize me as deserving of the place. G's mom is very liberal, but she crosses the line in that she doesn't recognize marriage at all, for anyone. I think she has been hurt one two many times. She believes that you get back what you put into any arrangement in life. So, if your significant other just happens to make three times the amount you do and does most of the purchasing, but doesn't mind one bit because it is a committed loving relationship, it's too bad, you are not deserving of anything you didn't put in moneywise.

We have a new idea about what we would like to purchase. Instead of a house, maybe we could get a condo with a view of the lake or the city. It may be too pricey, but we are thinking of waiting until 2007 to move anyway. We have lots of time to consider our options.

I found a great website with all things Madrid this morning. Some guy has put together an awesome site with radio stations and TV straight from Spain. He listed a bunch of CD's and videos and now I have some ideas for Christmas. G went out to Blockbuster and rented a movie that she saw on the list and is in Spanish heaven right now. Must remember to purchase her some headphones.

I found out the Spanish girl isn't Spanish, but French. Her husband is Spanish and they live in Spain, but she grew up in France. Who Knew? I will now refer to G's first love, visiting for A MONTH this summer, worshipped by G's mom, as the French girl.


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