Saturday, October 29, 2005

Just Relaxing

It was quite the week of work and I am happy to have a moment to relax. We have a foreign film today and some errands to run so I won't be able to do much reading or relaxing. I also rented a bunch of movies and thought we could just stay home this weekend, but it doesn't seem to be in the cards.

It is a beautiful fall day and so we might walk through the park before the film tonight. It is also the place that Gretch is training for her big up hill climb in a couple years. Her doctor said yesterday that she is getting some of the marathon pulse rate and blood pressure back. I would kill to have legs like she has, but it won't happen. Gretch recently purchased a very nice bike and has been biking almost 30 miles every weekend. She seems to really be into her goals lately. I know that when she gets closer to her trip she will be running and biking a good part of every day. Maybe I will get motivated a bit.

I have so much going through my mind lately, I will hopefully get some writing time tomorrow while Gretch is off with her biking/running partner.


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