Monday, October 17, 2005

Halloween Spirit!

I'm so excited! Gretch took off tomorrow to go to the pumpkin farm with the baby and me. They have a neat little country restaurant and gift shop and a ton of children's displays and activities. It is supposed to be sunny and seventy, probably one of the last of the year.

It was a stressful weekend. G found out her dad has leukemia. Her mom has had cancer too which makes me all paranoid about Gretch. Luckily it was found on a routine checkup and it will not end his life in the near future. It can't be cured, but he can live many years with it. He is in his late sixties and had his first heart attack at 35. The heart is still more of a concern I guess.

My stomach is getting better, unless it is 4am. I am up every morning at that time taking medicine and eating bread. I don't like 4am. I really don't like 4am with a stomachache.

I am glad that I can find happiness in little things. We got a little crazy and decorated the living room in pumpkin craft items and will do the balcony with pumpkins, hay, and cornstalks. I am looking forward to tomorrow.


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