Sunday, October 09, 2005

Lazy Sunday

I can tell that foreign film season has started again. When we go see a regular American film it is nice to not have to think, just relax and watch the action.
Usually though, it is quite easy to think too much about how the events really don't add up. At least they are not sad like foreign films. I missed last weeks, but I would have refused to go anyway. It was the weeping camel. I don't do sad animal films.
I enjoyed flightplan, but we had some real winners sitting in back of us opening cans and crunching bags of things they brought in. Maybe we need to go later or earlier, just too many people doing too many annoying things.

Gretch is off biking twenty some miles and I am kind of stuck without a vehicle. I still have not learned how to drive her stick shift car. I really should, but I don't like it, so I am willing to be without once in awhile. We put the hitch on the suv so we can carry the bikes on trips.
I am trying to recover from the week. Someone gave me a nasty throat virus last weekend and I still can barely speak. It is so much of a relief not to have to read stories to all those classes when I am like this. It used to be horrible trying to muddle through those stories in this condition.

When Gretch gets back she is going to make her famous Chili. We went from 85 degrees down to 45. It is officially the winter season. Last year we made it until Thanksgiving day before turning on the heat. Yikes!

This is very dull, I think I will go read the newspaper, just as soon as I can figure out how to get it without walking out to the curb.


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