Wednesday, September 28, 2005

What's Up With The Nails?

It's been busy. Work is so overrated, I think someone should come up with a better way to get money.

Tonight Gretch and I had an early end to work, so we decided to have dinner out because I am off for the weekend. Unfortunately, I looked down at my tire for some odd reason and discovered yet another nail in the same exact place that I had one removed on Monday. At least this time it wasn't flat. Nothing like a flat tire to screw up your schedule for the day. We dropped of the car tonight after asking them if they were sure they took out the previous nail (that went over well) and went to dinner as planned.

We are still working through some things that cause frustration to both of us, but I think by communicating a little better we both have an understanding about our different points of view. We see things so very different sometimes, it is kind of scary.

Basically the trip to Peru comes up quite a bit. I am still trying to understand this, but at least Gretch knows now that I am not comfortable with a major decision such as that being made without at least consulting me. I mean I would never say she couldn't go somewhere, but to find out after the plans are in motion... I felt left out.

G was in a relationship for over ten years with someone who was a little too laid back if you ask me. She never questioned a thing. That so isn't me. We both have to find middle ground. We are working on it.

I can tell she is still totally in love with me. I feel it in the most subtle ways. Like today when we went to the hospital for lunch and she brightens up and compliments me as soon as I walk in.

I hope we continue to find that middle ground without conflict.

I should be continuing my meeting the boys story. I will work on that when I get a few more minutes.


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