Thursday, September 22, 2005

More Discrimination

Gretch is on Catholic leaving a message about how wrong they are in banning gay priests. I am not sure they care about a message from someone whose believes nothing more than E=MC2. I am giggling because she is walking around ranting and raving about gay issues and she looks pretty cute all fired up. It has been rough, she had dinner with her mom and brother tonight and they kind of agreed about health insurance not being a gay issue. I am not sure how that came about since they have been supportive as far as I have known.

In other disappointing news, we cancelled our New Orleans trip at seven this morning.
Our hotel finally released all reservations until April 1st. I read that last night, really late, and I knew I would have to break it to Gretch this morning. She still thinks we could have gone, but I just think we should wait and plan for a month or two later. Expedia was of no help with the plane reservations. We were automatically cancelled on the hotel, but we had to call straight to United to cancel the flight. When I came out of the bedroom this morning Gretch was fighting fiercely with management at United. They wouldn't cancel our reservations because the flight wasn't cancelled. They wanted to give a voucher for future travel. That doesn't work because it was a package deal and we would have lost out on money anyway. Vouchers are not the same as a regular flight. Finally, after Gretch tried another approach, saying our flights were cancelled and then rebooked with massive layovers in other parts of the country, they gave in. They were pissed, but they had to admit that these new flight plans were made up after a cancelled flight plan. I am proud that she stuck with it. I would not have been able to get my point across without probably crying. She was so angry she was practically screaming at the man.

Disturbing news all around. Yikes!


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