Wednesday, September 14, 2005

It's Kinda Dark in Here!

Last night proved to be interesting. First off, I forgot to bring my work clothes along for the evening and ended up going in shorts and a t-shirt.
When I got in I realized I never booked my room, but another group had.

So, as I am wandering the halls trying to figure out how I am going to explain the set up without actually being in the room, I realize the button popped of my shorts. Ok, well I have an hour to find the leader of the other group to get them to move to another room, set up, and find a pin for the shorts. All will eventually be well, or so I thought, as a storm with wind gusts of up to 70 miles an hour decides to pass through and cut the electricity.

It remains dark and I decide I don't need the pin after all, and it really doesn't matter that I am not dressed appropriately anymore. Everyone else cancels so I can stay in the library, my group wanting to stay even though it is dark.

Great, I like to be completely prepared when giving any kind of speech in front of people I like everything set out in order so their are no surprises.
I do not like losing my train of thought and stammering along.

I couldn't see my notes, the air was off causing it to be stifling, and I wasn't sure how to proceed with directions in the dark. I couldn't even tell who was standing in front of me at times.
Of course I should have cancelled, but they were all persistent on not making another trip.
I am sure I sounded incredibly unintelligent. Something I absolutely abhor.
So typical, I am sure it was quite amusing.

Gretch is out with the work clan and so I have a rare night alone. I need to just surf and watch some television. Tomorrow night I will be back at school working away till late. Hopefully with the lights on.


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