Sunday, September 04, 2005

We Have To Wait

The company that owns the hotel we are supposed stay at in Dec. is canceling only through Nov. 2. We have to wait for an update closer to that date. The tourist areas have little damage and never flooded and are supposed to be opened first.
Although that would seem to be good news, it just means that the neighborhoods will suffer because the tourist industry needs to be started quickly. It will put people back to work, but I think those rooms will be needed by those who will be rebuilding the city.
Just my thought.
Now they are reporting ten thousand dead from the hurricane. No, I remember on Tuesday morning they said relatively few people died in the hurricane. It was the lack of response to those who needed help. Some of these stories I heard make me just sob. We actually need to tune out a bit.
I am going to assume that if there is any kind of huge national disaster we are basically on our own. Gretch always criticizes my bottled water purchases, but I will always have a stash.


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