Monday, August 29, 2005

New Orleans Will Survive!

Lost a lot of sleep last night staying up to watch the coverage of the hurricane. New Orleans can't just be rebuilt. There would be no reason to go back, the history and the buildings are what makes me love the place so much. Yes, we already have the tickets for New Years. Everyone keeps asking us. It will take months to restore the city, but as in every tourist community, they will want people visiting as soon as possible. New Orleans runs on tourism. We will be there and I will get my one hurricane and toast the great city on the Mississippi.
We were watching people heading into the Superdome and I felt bad for those people left behind. The reporters were trying to talk to them, but they really didn't have the social skills to talk. One lady didn't have a tooth in her mouth, and another one barely made it to the building after her car died on the street. These people are the poorest of the poor and my heart goes out to all the children. It is so sad.

So I worked a few hours tonight after finishing with the kids. Tomorrow night we are taking the train to Ravinia to see the Gypsy Kings. I have never heard of them, but Gretch and her friends love this group.
It will be midnight before we can make it back home. I will work the next few nights to make up for it. I may have Friday off. That would be so great because I am becoming rather grumpy.

I have a feeling I will not be able to get back on for any length of time this week. I will work on being creative over the weekend.


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