Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Wish I Could Have Seen My Face

So tonight I went back to work. I was feeling a little unsure about things while walking in. I am so out of the loop with not attending anything this week. I did a book purchase before I got there and was planning on setting up my desk, not really accomplishing too much more than that.

When I walked in I couldn't believe what I was seeing. There on my desk were cages of gerbils, hamsters, and, or, guinea pigs. The bedding was spilling out onto my desk and the floor was covered. The smell was horrible. My one and only thought was, just fuck it, I am totally done with this place. Quite obviously, the summer school was using my room and this class decided it would be ok to place these animals on my desk.
How disrespectful can you be. I mean, imagine walking in and seeing your desk covered with this. I was beyond mad. There were wet towels hanging everywhere and books tossed off the shelves. The smell!

I had to calm down, I was prepared for a mess, but not of this magnitude.
I just walked the halls for a bit. I hadn't seen anyone around at this point so I just walked and stewed about the mess. I finally decided to call the person in charge of the program.
She will try to get the mess cleaned up by Thursday night. Try...

So after I hung up with her I was just going to call it a night, but it didn't seem fair that I made the drive for nothing. I decided to call my teacher friend and get the gossip from the past few days. I was literally dying to know what was going on. hmm... how could they possibly be functioning without me?
She filled me in on everything and then I decided to go home. 2.5 hours,
I will not like time sheets. I called G and we decided to get some snack foods and just sit and eat unhealthy and watch Sex in the City. Love that show. When it was on HBO, I lived with my best friend's family and I would watch it in my bedroom and my best friend would have it on in her bedroom while she worked out. Her husband was in charge of the kids for the time downstairs. We would be laughing and commenting down the hall to each other. When G and I started dating it was during the last season and she would come over and join me while I watched it.

One night in and all was a hellish mess.


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