Friday, August 05, 2005


I've cleaned two houses top to bottom, shopped, found sheets and blankets for everyone, even shampooed a carpet, and now I am totally exhausted.
I guess the plan is for my sisters to take the kids to the zoo and I take my mom out to lunch. That is, after I find somewhere to put the chihuahua.
He isn't coming to my place and my best friend has a large dog and a Siamese, neither of which will be to happy to see this new face. I think I'll lock him in a bathroom over there for an hour. After that, each pet better be on its best behavior. Right.
Tomorrow we are headed to the state fair. Very popular Midwestern summer excursion, very funny to others not brought up on this type of activity.
I rearranged the library this morning. NO, I didn't get rid of any books. Gretch would not speak to me if I did something like that. What happens happens. I did though, add some books from the Faulkner House in New Orleans. Great literature is something I crave and will spent money on it.
I also set out my ink and pen set. There are 6 different colors. Gretch got a beautiful leaf incense burner that I also put on diplay. I love the library, but we are running out of room to put things that I keep purchasing. Maybe the living room can become the library and the library a TV area. Hmm... I will think about that.


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