Tuesday, August 02, 2005

He said I'm slimy!

Too much sun the past few days. The weather has taken us poolside in the backyard. The kids are like fish and it is hard to get them out. I did go in yesterday, but I forgot how dry your skin and hair becomes from the chlorine. We had a slight emergency when the nine year old fell and got a deep sliver in his finger. I had to operate with a needle and you would have thought I was cutting off the finger.

Earlier in the day, we went shopping for apples. It was so simple, but so much fun, as we tried to remember the different tastes between the colors. These simple moments is what makes up for the bad ones, like, when the boys punch each other in the car until someone is crying. That I can do without. We do not do well in the car.

Gretch just got home from boat practice and is fixing a hummus and cucumber sandwich. I am just not feeling it. :)
I got my favorite take out of a Chinese beef broccoli dish I like. Yum!


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