Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Cloudy With a Chance of the blahs

I am getting kind of worried about how depressed I feel when a day is cloudy or it rains nonstop as it did today. There were times when I just felt like crying during the day and there wasn't a reason. I noticed this happening quite frequently last winter also. I just don't feel right without sun. I usually only get situational sadness, if something comes up that I can't handle I will get depressed, but not usually without a reason.

Today the boys were high energy and I was running out of ideas for entertaining in the house. I finally gave in and let them go out into the garage to play, but of course they pushed it and were soon outside getting wet. We did get a walk around the block in when we thought it had stopped, but were caught half way in a sudden sprinkling of water.
We then were asked by the neighbors to come and play. I don't do the neighbor thing, my best friend does and so I didn't have a choice. We kind of chatted about work. The interesting thing is that I know she has a sister that is a lesbian. She doesn't know about me, but I feel like it would be good to let another person in on things. The thing is, they are moving and Gretch and I have inquired through my best friend about the house. Apparently it will be put up for sale at $300,000. It is a wonderful house, but out of our price range because of my job loss.
I love the neighborhood as it is brand new and right across from the kids.
It is rather pricey though.
I hope it is sunny tomorrow. I don't like feeling so blahhh.


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