Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Storm the Bastille!

I can't believe how fast the summer is flying. We are half way through, but I feel like just yesterday I was working away at school. We missed Summerfest this year. The only group I wanted to see was the Violent Femmes, but they were on a stage at ten on a Tuesday night. I am not that young anymore. Being at work at seven really ends the late weeknights.
We were not even going to attend Bastille Days this year because the event is held this weekend when we are gone. However, we will be headed down on Thursday night to meet up with people who feel horribly neglected do to Gretch preparing for the test the last six months. Our flight is very early Friday morning, but we will head out for some yummy French food. We will not be doing the run that night, but after last year, that probably is a good thing. I am NOT a runner, but we were near the front and we either had to take off running or be crushed by the ever serious athletes. I thought it was funny at first, but half a block down, I was like, uh Gretch, I can keep this up for maybe another thirty seconds. Luckily, I was quickly up the curb and out of the way of the runners.
So for anyone wanting to meet up, we will be under the Eiffel Tower at seven sharp. We want to be home by Ten. hehe, I know, Pathetic. :)


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