Thursday, July 07, 2005

Another Sad Day

I am glad the kids were sleeping when I arrived this morning. I hadn't heard about what happened yet. I heard an absolutely excellent speech by the mayor of London, Ken Livingstone. He never faltered while speaking, and it was so heartfelt, I did shed a few tears. I'm sure he made many speeches today, but the one he gave before he left Singapore was amazing. I am so sick of waking up to this kind of news.

When this happened in Madrid, Gretch got a phone call from her friend Juan. He was hysterical because he had just left a subway station that blew up. He was afraid to call and upset his wife. G was very shaken that day. She is upset today because she lived a couple blocks from the Kings Crossing station in London and used it all the time. My poor European girlfriend. :(

You know, they can wipe out every terrorist in Iraq and it wouldn't change anything. I will never be convinced that those in the top levels of evil reside in any place other than the rich, free countries of the world.
Not in the war battled zones where many people just like us are trying to live with peace.
They need money of course. (oil anyone?)

My best friend's husband left for work all fired up this morning. 6 Bush haters will be arriving shortly to stay with them. Along with Gretch, his wife, and of course me, he will be out numbered this weekend.
Good luck buddy.

A copy of a mass email I sent to everyone I knew the week of 9/11. It was really hard to be at school that day and keep everyone calm.
Hey Everyone, >>>>>>>
Ok, this week while some of you were in pie fights at a restaurant,
(not the college kids... hmmm..) some were road tripping to Milwaukee with 6 kids, the inlaws, and a flat tire,... >>>>>>>
someone was fitting into a size 6 pair of jeans to provoke me to anger, someone became a website moderator for a national website, someone was driving their super sporty new vehicle, and the rest of you, I am sure, were doing something equally exciting. Life must go on... >>>>
Anyway, it was a rough week for everyone, our 8th graders were in> South Dakota. They were at Mt. Rushmore on Monday. On Tues. the bus had to be pulled over so they could be informed of what was happening. I guess there was a lot of crying. The parents wanted them home immediately, so they had to come back. I had the unfortunate opportunity of phoning frightened parents to detail them in on plans.
Keeping calm with the little ones was most difficult, since, (cringing here, people you know I work at a religious school, ) we had to go to chapel to pray and talk about it.> >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
Speaking of little ones, I HATE Enya and kindergarten nap time. Yes, nobody else is free at that time so I get to do nap time. They listen to Enya and there is nothing worse. Can someone teach me how to tie a double knot????
Sorry Therese, couldn't deliver on what you asked for.
See religious comment above. haha
Peace to all, I hope the week isn't as bad as it's looking, but keep living, life goes on.


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