Sunday, July 03, 2005

"So, Grandpa's New Girlfriend's Daughter is a Lesbian?"

That would have to be the quote of the day, even though there were a lot of good ones, do to the family picnic I attended today. Honors go to the nine year old son of my best friend, who out of the blue, in the middle of lunch, in a crowded restaurant blurted out his question. It is true, she is a lesbian and she attends family functions all the time with her girlfriend.

No, he doesn't know about me. I don't know how to tell anyone about myself, but apparently others do not have my problem of explaining there relationships. I hate this. I hate this so much that it is just unbearable.

The other eyebrow raising events occurred later at Gretch's brother's family picnic. Various unspeaking members of the family who have not spoken to one another in years were for some reason invited all together.
For the most part they all have good reason for not speaking. It is sad the way families can fall apart in such terrible ways.

Anyway, people did not stick to their original plans for arrival time, so ultimately everyone was together at one point. I do not have any reference point in personally dealing with divorce because nobody in my family has ever gotten one. I did not realize to what extent children become the pawns in this little game until last night. There was also other animosity between family members and so it was quite interesting to watch them run into one another in hallways.

It was rather funny when it was time to leave and G's mom opened the fridge to find that G's stepmom had brought a salad in one of her bowls. (this divorce occured twenty years ago)

G's mom: "Oh my God, that is my bowl."

G: "Take it mom, just take it."

Mom laughing: "I can't do it, I haven't had enough wine."

Me laughing : "Can you imagine what would happen if stepmom finds that bowl missing. She will think sister took it. I wouldn't advise it. Although..
I would love to be here for that scenario."

Holidays and family, you've got to love them.


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