Friday, July 01, 2005

Random Babble

I am looking at a four day weekend and I am soooo happy! I love being with the kids all week, but it has been quite the challenge. I ruined my best friend's iron yesterday. The nine year old wanted me to iron this plastic art project, but it didn't have the directions. I can always be counted on for some moments and this was one of them. I guess the iron was on high and I placed it right on the plastic. The smell of plastic was horrible and the iron was covered in colored blob. Meanwhile, the 6 year old wanted a head band so he took a blue marker and made one across his forehead. The kids are always so active and I have to be attentive every second. I did get a great pic of them reading at the library this week. They scream that it will be boring, but they always have fun when we get there. No choice really, when your mom and "auntie" are librarians.
This morning we wanted to sleep in, but all hell broke lose at the hospital. Everyone is vacationing early and Gretch wanted to sleep in, but a machine broke at work and so the phone calls began. It was quite chaotic as we tried to get her from bed to door in a presentable fashion in ten minutes.
So, I was up and ready to begin my day alone. I am going to head to the library, run some errands,and wait for G to return home for date night. I want to see Bewitched because I am a huge Nicole Kidman and I am trying to hold off on all the sci-fi G wants to see. I am not into it, but we will get around to going to see them without even a pout from me...maybe.
We have some issue oriented parties to attend this weekend and I am letting Gretch make all decisions on her side. I will offer up an opinion only when asked.
First, a grad party tomorrow for a friend's daughter. The friend recently became a Jehovah and G is quite upset with this. I asked her not to judge because of the simple fact that the friend took off from work early as a phlebotomist to plan a celebration that will be attended by lesbians.
I don't think she is a committed as she thinks.
Second party is being thrown by G's brother without telling anyone that certain members of the family have been invited. If one side of the family decides not to go G said we aren't either. I do have an opinion of course, but I will let her handle this. It is better not to get involved in these family issues.
Third party is on the fourth at my best friend's house. That will be fun.
No problems just a cook out with the kids.

All is good, except, damn, Justice Sandra Day O'Connor just dampened the outlook a bit. I just won't go there right now.


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