Monday, June 27, 2005

What About Children?

Spending the day with the boys and G at Great America made me wonder about the child issue again. G is very good with the boys and I think she would make a wonderful mom.
G has actually tried to have children already. For about a year right before I met her, she tried and thought it would be easy to get pregnant. It wasn't. That is part of G's story and so I am fast forwarding a bit, but the issue of children is very important to me. I think I would make a great mom also, but I just don't see how it would work for me.
I am not out, as this seems to be a frustrating, unsolvable problem for me, so, I am not really sure how I can add a child into the combination.

When ever I hear about another gay couple who is expecting a baby (which I just have) I get very sad about it. Of course I am happy for the couple, but it just seems like it's one more thing I can't figure out, something so simple for other people, so impossible for me.

I am probably just tired, as it was a long day.


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