Monday, June 20, 2005

Long Weekend

It was an eventful weekend to say the least. I thought G would not want to do a thing because it was her last weekend to study, but she takes these mock tests over and over and scores really high and so I am not sure what else she can do.
We went to a graduation party on Saturday for the son of one of G's bosses. I like the group she works with, as they are all about having fun. They have totally accepted me and they give me a perspective that I don't get anywhere else.
On Sunday we did get to the art festival. It was a beautiful day and we finally got some sun. There was an artist that carved out the middle of books and would draw a picture that had something to do with the book and place it in the middle. There was this great one on book banning that I would have purchased in a heartbeat, but at $900 it wasn't going to happen.
Minki left yesterday afternoon. He was here almost a year and the kids are very sad. They took him to the airport yesterday and the kids cousins and aunt went too. When he went through the gate he was sobbing as were some of the kids. He is there brother.
He was with us all day on Thursday while I was watching the kids. I asked him what he missed about Korea and he said the culture. He asked why we don't have any culture here. I told him we have a mixture of all cultures here and we kind of get caught up in the media and you really have to find something you are interested in and explore. He could have been placed in a big city with totally different people and experienced a whole different America. He was placed in suburbia in the Midwest. It is a very narrow view at best. I do know he loves it here.
There was a scary story in the news yesterday about a soldier in South Korea who killed some of his own troops. I guess he was being made fun of and he had enough. I know that is just one little story, but the fact that he is headed to border patrol makes it a little scary.

The first full week with the kids. I hope I have the energy to withstand ten hours of nonstop action. Instead of emotionally and mentally exhausted like I am during the school year, I will now be physically exhausted. I hope it helps me get in shape.


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