Thursday, June 09, 2005

My best friend called early this morning and asked my opinion about a problem the foreign exchange student brought up last night. He asked what would happen if he would fight at school and get a black eye. When asked why he would want to fight, he explained that a kid keeps asking if he is gay because he doesn't have body hair.
First of all I am disgusted at this kid for harassing a foreign exchange student. What a man he is for picking on someone who is pretty helpless in this situation. Great way to show how wonderful America can be.
Anyway, my friend wanted to know if she should call the high school since they only have two days left. Her husband and Ming G say no. I however say yes, call his guidance counselor this morning and tell them what is going on. This is bulling and there is a no tolerance policy commercial that has been running for weeks on tv. Why should his last couple American school days be spent fending off some homophobic jerk. If it is bad enough that MG wants to fight then something could happen.
He also asked if Americans were obsessed with the word gay because he hears it all the time. Why of course we are, nothing better to worry about in this great country of ours. Just pathetic.

I have meetings all morning and then lunch with teachers and then a gyn appointment and then dinner with teachers. Just shoot me now. What if I go to school today and fight and get a black eye?


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