Tuesday, June 07, 2005

I can't seem to unwind from the evening. It was a two and a half hour event and it was 8th grade for crying out loud. How is that even possible.
It was my last function as a member of that group. It is good that it is over, but I will always feel somewhat proud of what I did there. As the speakers were droning on, I was remembering these students as kindergarteners. That is the good thing about being in a specialty, you work with the kids over the years and watch them grow into teens.
I remember one of the boy's comments from kindergarten. "Come on, you are not going to read that book are you." Always argumentative, right from the start. He wants to be an attorney. I made sure to shake his hand tonight . He was a difficult student, but he did seek me out tonight. What an honor. I know I touched him in some way.
I need to find boxes to pack up my things. I know I won't be able to throw anything away. I guess that is to be expected.

Why did I learn from my experience? I learned that these people are wrong about some things. How do I know they aren't wrong about other things? I don't want to lose my whole Christian identity, but I am going to put it on hold for awhile. This is difficult, but I must give myself some room in this aspect. I can't embrace it at this time. I wasn't all that religious in the first place. I believe in the creed, but all this picking and choosing of verses is ridiculous.

I need to stop ruminating on this and move on. More interesting topics are just hanging out waiting to be written about.


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