Monday, June 06, 2005

Today was my last day in the after school program. I was told that my "wry sense of humor" would be missed. Since this was the second time in a couple of months that people have commented, I decided to look this up.
dry:humorously sarcastic or mocking.
I went home and asked G if I am really like that.
"um, ....yeah, I guess you could say that, but it can be funny, or if someone might not know you it could be offensive. Like when my mom first met you and would look at you kind of funny when you commented on something. But, I guess my mom is Ms. Yoga, one with the universe and always happy after an experience. When you follow up with,
I would rather have a root canal then experience that again, you might get a couples stares. Overall I think you are funny."

I think of it as a coping mechanism. I am not like this in a profession setting. During the school day I take a lot of things in and I can't voice an opinion. I am on the faculty and respected as such. I act according, or in other words, fake as hell. It's extremely conservative and there is not much room for humor. Nothing is funny, if you think there is, you better take time to reflect, everything has a purpose, and if it doesn't you don't do it. Sometimes I wonder if people really are the way they claim to be. Are there really that many stepfords around.
I personally think it is hypocritical with a few exceptions. I am not sure what is worse.
Anyway, with the paraprofessional crowd after school I let my guard down and use humor to try and connect and I guess that is the same why I am with others too. Maybe I 'll try and tone it down. It is not like a speak a whole lot in any situation. I am extremely reserved, so I guess if I do say something wry, it seems pretty strong coming from a person that doesn't offer up a lot of conversation.
Scrolling down the page I see an example. "Could they make a more toxic salad." I am totally giggling here. That is so like me.


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