Wednesday, June 01, 2005

I'm high maintenance?

G was talking to co-workers the other day about their spouses. They were all complaining and a couple are talking about saving up money to leave their relationships. G just listens and never says anything.
Suddenly, they switched to phone calls from significant others and how many they get. G's unit manager overheard the conversation about who gets phone calls and yelled in that I am high maintenance and then rolled her eyes. G thought I would think that it was funny, but i don't. We agreed that the woman is jealous because I will call to say I love you or something equally mushy.
I guess I am sensitive at what others think. I know that G's family is materialistic and wish that I made more money. At dinner the other night in which G's mom was included, I was asked when I was done working and I said two weeks and then I am free as a bird. G's mom gave me a funny look.
I hate materialism. I didn't grow up like that and I certainly don't wish people to think I am taking advantage of G. I take to much to heart and that is another reason why I can't be to honest with people. I can't deal with the opinions of others.


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