Sunday, May 29, 2005

I had this job

At the end of the school year I give my older classes creative writing lessons. We start with captivating story starter sentences, move on to characterization, and follow with setting and time period. We try to write a one page story bases on one of ten sentences they picked to start a story. As he was jumping out of the airplane he realized his parachute cord was broken. That was my sentence. Sometimes I do projects along with the students because they feel we just stand up there and recite homework and it is meaningless. They really like it when I participate. At Christmas we do a project called pass the story. Everyone writes a sentence and passes it to the next person and we get 25 to 30 stories of absolute mish mash. I sit in the middle somewhere and try to get stories back on track. I am looking for that one gem that sounds like a real story and can pass as a success. Someone will usually say, "wow, we wrote that together."
Eleven years of these projects. When I first started I went home and cried every night. I didn't have any lesson plans to follow and I had k-8 to plan for. Over the years I picked up prek's and did some social studies and health classes. I am proud of my accomplishments and it was a career where I learned a lot.
A week and a half and it is history.


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