Monday, May 16, 2005

Thinking about the characters in my future biography can really cheer me up. I think about all my adventures and I just have to laugh at the situations I got myself into.

I was being driven back to my car after having dinner with an acquaintance one cold, icy afternoon in November. We were a few blocks away when this person took out a pack of gum and popped in a piece and asked if I wanted one. I was about to take one when I had this sudden revelation as to what that piece of gum signified. I quickly said no, and actually grabbed on to the door of my side of the car, kind of the way people do when they think they are about to hit the car in front of them. It is pretty funny now, but it probably looked like a bad scene of a Sienfeld episode. I can just imagine the expression on my face. I can also imagine how fast I jumped out of the car while saying goodbye. I can be such a geek sometimes. That was the first and last time I rode with anyone, anywhere that year. The silly little Christian librarian was waaay in over her head!!


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