Wednesday, May 04, 2005

The book group met yesterday to decide on a new book. It is so typical of my life it isn't even funny. One person wanted to read the life story of the last pope. The other person came up with a story about people getting together to write in an old theatre and then dismembering themselves one by one. All I could do was laugh. Polar opposites as usual. I said absolutely not on the pope. What is the point when you have to keep your mouth shut on the most important issues. I would have read the psychotic one which was much better than her second choice of a Mary Higgins Clark. I did my time with her years ago and I am so over that.
I brought reviews on the Glass Castle. It is on hold for me at the library.
It is an autobiography of a poor traveling family that is quite dysfunctional. I am absolutely intrigued by books like this. The person who picked the pope said it wasn't deep enough. This coming from someone who thought Catholicism was the number one religion in the world. So, they can pick whatever they want to read and I will read it on the side and continue with my selections. I am reading Early Leaving, a fictional story of a mother who tries to figure out what caused her teenage son to kill another person. I also picked up Map of the World, another tragedy story about a drowning.
The Time Traveler's Wife was so sad! An excellent book that I never would have picked on my own and so I am all the better giving in. I will not give in on the pope book though.


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