Thursday, April 28, 2005

G is at a seminar in Chicago today. I am holding out on dinner so we can eat together. I was rather bitchy and PMSing this morning. I want to make it up.
The gossip mill continues at work. Some parents are bold enough to ask what happened. There has been no announcement made and that breeds gossip. I have no idea how this will all work out, but the fact remains that I will be done in June.
I was reading some author's pages on the web last night. I am very jealous of successful writers who seem to know how to get it accomplished. One minute I think I have a great idea, the next it is the most horrible thing ever thought up. The year coming up is perfect and I should not blow it. I am going to get my eyes checked next week. I have been making final doctor appointments. I am very angry about the health insurance situation. G brought home cards from work to sent to our state government leaders about the terrible health care situation in America. I guess it is some kind of health care week next week. Hell yeah I support any initiative in this matter. I am among the uninsured July 1st. I will have catastrophic coverage with a deductible in the thousands so it will be useless. I hate the fact that my life expectancy goes down. I can't get checked out for anything to prevent the worst case scenario. It just isn't right.

I am having a great time taking the kids to school in the morning. Hand in hand I walked the kindergartener up to the school. We discuss the lunch menu and specials he might have. We then wait for his best friend to show up and I tell him to have a good day. He pushes me away and says I can go. Usually I stand and watch them walk in. His big brother is long gone not wanting any attention whatsoever from me. As a third grader he gets very embarrassed around his friends. I am very fortunate to have a best friend who shares her children. I was there when her first born came into this world and lived with him till he was six. We have a special intimate bond that is usually only apparent with parents. It is not there with the kindergartener, or the baby, although they love having me around. The baby really took to G last night wanting to play. We are taking the boys to Great America in June. I will not do any rides, so G will be doing roller coasters and such. I am bringing a book and will enjoy watching G with the kids. We also have to take them mini golfing soon. This weekend we are all going to the baseball game. We got cheap seats and it is hot dog day so it should be quite fun.


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