Friday, May 06, 2005

I was over playing with the kids last night in the sand box and it made me happy to think that summer is almost here. I am looking forward to my time with the kids again. My best friend told me the neighbor across the street wanted to know if I might watch her kids once in awhile during the summer. People do not understand that I am not babysitting the kids. It is different. Except for the baby, they were born and lived with me until just recently. I can hug them, kiss them, say I love you a million times a day and expect it back from them. We load up the van and hit the beach, meet G, or their mom for lunch, or stay at the park all day. This is what I am missing from my life. Some people always comment, "yeah, but you don't get to make the decisions." Believe it or not, I do have a lot of say when it comes to what they do. They do attend Sunday school and church every week because of me, and I do voice my opinion as necessary. I am lucky to have a friend that lets me have so much influence. Needless to say, I am not taking a babysitting job this summer. We will have to be gone a lot because this woman hates being alone with her kids and they always want to come over. I am not a social person that way and will not converse all day long. They are building a new house way across the city and so this will be the last summer of this problem. My friend wants us to look at their house to purchase as it would be cool to live across the street. It is a 300,000 dollar house and it is not possible since I am losing my job. That really is a little to close perhaps.
G's niece was here over night. They made a really good potato soup for
dinner last night and they called and asked me to stop for ice cream on my way home for work. They seem to be a lot closer since the trip. I did notice my computer took forever to load this morning and then I had to delete some programs that were added last night. I don't remember her going on the computer and I wouldn't mind, but added toolbars are not something I want to deal with. They can be difficult to get off and they put spyware deep into your system. I guess when the kids get a litte older I can expect the same thing. Right now they just play games.
perhaps I should go to work. My first and last classes are out of the building today. That is the good thing about the end of the year. Field trips!!


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