Saturday, May 07, 2005

I can't wait until this test is out of the way for G. I have to be quiet and not be a pest for hours at a time. We discussed how this might be kind of hard because I don't do well without some kind of attention at least every half hour or so. I may be antisocial to the outside world, but not with my partner. Next weekend I am going to visit my mom, and the weekend of the test I am going to leave also. I thought it would be rather fun to go to Chicago with G the night before the test and then be all supportive that Sunday morning of the test. I got the most horrific look. I have come to the realization that I can't help with this test at all. If there was a way to stuff me in a drawer for the next 7 weeks and keep me quiet it would have been done. hehe
Anyway, I have worked on laundry and cleaned up a bit and only leaned in for a couple kisses while working. We are going to one of the kids soccer games this morning and then we will go out to lunch and then it is study time again. We compromised and will go to Barnes and Noble for awhile. I promised I would not interrupt with, " oh my gosh, would you look at this!" with every magazine article I read. I will not point out how much of an ass Brad Pitt is, or how pale Nicole Kidman looks, or any other unnecessary pointless chatter. Well, I will try anyway. If I start looking at health magazines I will not be able to hold it in when I want to comment on the skinny, unhealthy looking models.
Just not possible!


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