Monday, May 09, 2005

I spent the morning making doctor appointments, applying for health insurance quotes, and trying to get info from our business manager. It was truly aggravating. Seems he hasn't even heard of my impending departure and wants me to contact my boss about this. I just want my papers people.
G is studying which means it is quiet again. Yesterday morning I left and took the kids and the dog for a walk. It actually was 70 yesterday. I love being out in the yard getting some sun. I'm going to go read a book and dream of July.
Jennifer Beals is going to have a baby. Sources say she is sticking with her show. Speaking of which, I can't get over that episode last night. It was horrible. Death and Jenny's weird obssesive behaviors. I miss Marina and her fun scenes. Watching this stuff is like getting your teeth pulled.


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