Thursday, May 26, 2005

We skipped a cookout this past weekend that was to be with a bunch of G's friends that will run a marathon this weekend. Last night we did join them for a birthday dinner at a Mexican restaurant, but we will skip the weekend event for the marathon. We are blaming it on all the test studying that G has to do right now. Truthfully, we wouldn't go anyway.
I am not sure if this is my fault or not, but it kind of feels like it is. G ran the Boston marathon a year before meeting me. This was basically a way of life. Train and run a races. When we were dating I went to quite a few races. It was alright at first, I was actually fascinated by all the work required and the satisfaction the runners felt when they completed the race. After awhile, it got really old. These people are totally obsessed with themselves and the races. At the dinner the night before a race it is all about the training. The morning of the race you get up incredibly early, to early for a nonathlete who just wants to sleep in on her weekend away from work. Then, you get to stand out in the rain and cold for hours on end watching people fly past you looking miserable. After the race, you stand around for a couple more hours and drink wine and beer. There is only so much soda I can drink, and alcohol is not something I am into. Perhaps one beer, but that is it. At that point you just want to tell everyone to shut the hell up and head home, but it doesn't end. Everyone is starving and kind of buzzed and so you have to go out to eat. Of course everyone is a vegetarian and as skinny as a toothpick. They really don't eat anything at all, just more talk about the race and training. Ugh!
You can not be in an early relationship and withstand this kind of trauma. Luckily, G was trying something else when we met, (which I would love to discuss, but won't until later in June when I leave the job) and gained some weight and didn't participate as much. So, we won't be going on this weekend trip thankfully.

In other news, my cousin is getting married. Lovely. He is my age and the only other holdout beside me. I guess this is suppossed to take place in Septemeber. I can already hear what will be said. Actually, no, I am not last, I beat him by three years. haha, deal with that relatives!


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