Monday, June 13, 2005

I lost my library card. I do this quite often and I am not really sure why that is. I use it as I do my credit cards, but I never lose them. Now I have to go tell those circ. people yet again. They always feel the need to lecture about this like I am five years old. I guess everyone has to be the master of something.
I read The Book Doctor by Esther Cohen this weekend. The main character helps other people develop their books while never getting around to writing her own book. I was always good at helping my students with story lines and character development, but at the same time get stuck with my own projects. I guess it is common.

I have to go have my exit interview with the boss this morning. I also need to collect more personal things and then do lunch yet again with teachers. This togetherness thing is a little much. If I get myself moving I will have Wednesday completely to myself before starting my first day with the kids on Thursday. With that thought, I am off.


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