Saturday, June 18, 2005

Personal Ads

When I finally decided to write a personal ad it took hours to accomplish. I couldn't believe I was really going to try to connect with other people who might be gay. I think the title of my ad was along the lines of "looking for friends." I just wanted to talk to some people and find out about myself through other people. I wrote a rather boring, nondescript piece about myself and the things I enjoyed doing. At the time I wrote the ad pictures where not ordinary, only a few people had them. I did not respond to anyone else's ad, because I wanted people to contact me, probably so I could contemplate endlessly before making a decision on anything. I was stepping totally out of the box and it was extremely difficult. I wouldn't even have to talk to anyone in person if I didn't want to, wasn't that what email was for. So, after writing dullest ad ever created, I hit the send key and waited for my future friends to come and help me along.
Little did I know about those people I would become friends with, hate, debate with, and fall hopelessly in love with, but in turn be rejected. Would I take back the moment if I knew I would meet people who would mess around with my head, cause me to do something I never will forgive myself for and make me to this day change the way I view God and the life I was living?
Yes, because I met the person that would complete me and deliver the happily ever after.


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