Tuesday, June 14, 2005

It's over! I left at 12:30 today to go have lunch with some teachers and never looked back. My performance review is good. Got some three's do to a messy desk and two other things equally unimportant. I felt a little down about the finality of it all, but went to drop some things off by the kids and they came screaming up, asking if I would play basketball with them and stay for dinner. Thank God is all I can say. This will be my purpose for the next year.
Someone different is watching them all week and today was dad's day. They went to the zoo and the baby managed to fall backward off a bench and bang her head on the ground. He so is in trouble from his wife when she gets home. I of course will hold it over him, that kind of thing doesn't happen on my days. I have Thursday. I have the day planned out already and we will be pretty busy.
Tomorrow I have off, but will probably go to lunch with the kids because it is mom's day with them. I will go over some details with her for the summer and the next year and then it will be set.
The next time I step into school it will be as an hourly worker with no requirements over and above my ten hours. I will be completely disconnected from the daily feel of the place, but that is ok. I still said I would teach a few classes on Friday's throughout the year.
It feels pretty strange tonight, but I did it. I did it everyone and I hope I am happy.


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