Tuesday, June 21, 2005


Remember in high school when your friends were flipping over some guy and you would have to listen to nonstop chatter about them. If your friends were breaking up you would have to have endless phone conversations in which your friends asked you, " do you think he still likes me, is he seeing someone else, will he call today?' Even better was the car ride past the boyfriend's house so we could, well, see if we could catch a glimpse of him through the picture window?
Maybe you did not have to endure these things with your friends, but it was definitely part of my life. Always with that little bit of counselor in me, I put up with it, while secretly thinking about the next book I was going to read.
As I did not experience all the normal craziness of dating in my teenage years, I hope that readers will understand when it shows through in the writings of my year that I took to explore. Almost four years ago in October I allowed myself to be that person I never was for one whole year.


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