Sunday, June 26, 2005

Six F'ing Weeks!

We have to wait six weeks for the test results. G thinks she did not pass it.
It is very rare to pass the first time and so I hope she doesn't freak out. I think she may be over reacting. She hates to fail. I would hate to have that happen. How the hell do you wait for something that long.

Oh my, what a long day. Lunch with sisters, a hometown parade, a three hour drive, birthday dinner with best friend's extended relatives. A nervous girlfriend waiting at home. G is on some message board about the test. It is kind of cute because she doesn't believe in internet message boards. I think that might have changed.

Tomorrow we are off to six flages and it is supposed to be 98 degrees.
I regret this decision with a passion, but the boys are so excited they won't even sleep tonight. Ugh!


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