Wednesday, July 06, 2005


I wonder what it is that makes someone go from having a crush to becoming obsessed with a person. Maybe it happens when deep down you know you will never get what you want, but you are unable to let go because that person is the only one who makes everything ok.
You enter a state of disbelief, you just keep trying everything you can think of to make the person be the one. They put up boundaries, but then they cross them ever so slightly, just enough to give you a renewed sense of hope, and plunge you into hopeless attempts at succeeding. When you don't, you become a little desperate, no, probably a lot desperate and you might just do something you would never have considered before.

I think Animotion summed it up well...

My fantasy has turned to madness
And all my goodness
Has turned to badness
My need to possess you
Has consumed my soul
My life is trembling
I have no control

Sound like some frightening stalker movie. hehe

If someone where to do my story, I would like it to be a lesbian Bridget Jones because it has to be told with humor. It could not be with Renee Zellweger though, I just don't find her attractive. We can keep the weight loss issue, God knows that's always a part of me.


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