Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Plans, Plans, Plans

A week and a half until we are on vacation. Gretch and I will be headed to New York City for a weekend. I am a little nervous about the whole New York experience, but I am sure it will be fun. We are going to see Phantom, and basically tour the sights. G claims to know her way around because of her 36 hours there with her German friends last spring.
During the week, we will head up to camp by the shores of the great north woods lakes. Gretch and I are going to finally read the same book and discuss it. I let her chose and she picked anything by Christopher Rice, Anne Rice's son. I am just so glad all of the studying is finished.

Before we leave though, we will have to do a fair amount of activities with other people. My best friend's 4 sisters are arriving this weekend from Philly and Detroit, along with various husbands and boyfriends. It will mean long nights of chatting since they have been up to so much lately. They are all in there early twenties. They really grabbed life by hand and set out on some great paths. One just finished her first year of medical school. She spent the last few months with Doctors Without Borders in nations with severe poverty. Another sister just called and said she got a teaching position in a Philly suburb. They moved to the city last weekend because her husband will be attending grad school out there. She was told by the principal that there were many applicants and that it might be difficult to pick up a job unless she headed toward the city. On the day of her interview she asked to have a room that she could set up with some of her teaching things before hand. When the committee arrived, she acted as if they were her students and went into a mini class routine. It was literature class, with classical music in the background, and poetry to be read by students. It was daring, but they all played along and even became disruptive at one point, so she was able to show off her discipline techniques first hand. Two hours after she left the school, she received a phone call to come and sign a contract. She knew what she was up against and went all out to succeed.
Doesn't seem like that long ago my best friend and I were driving to Detroit on weekends to visit the little girls who would squeal with delight when we arrived.
I can't wait to catch up with all of them. The only thing crazier is when my sisters are here at the same time. Nine sisters together, nothing beats that.

It is also the cancer center's dragon boat race this weekend. I will be out watching the team compete for a first place finish.
Rounding it all up will be dinner with G's Dad and stepmother on Sunday. Yeah, ok, not so fun, but I'll handle it.

I'm tired just thinking about it all.


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