Saturday, July 09, 2005

Sunny Saturday

Too much sun
Too much socializing
Too tired.

I hope to have some pics of the boat races from today. The team waited four hours to find out if they would be in the finals. They didn't make it, but when the winning teams were lining up, one of the groups was to boisterous from drinking. They wouldn't let them compete. G's team was called back. Eleven hours from arriving at the lake. I think sixty three teams is just too many.
It was an absolutely gorgeous day on the lake. If we could have weather like this more than two months out of the year I would love this state. I wish I had a sailboat. I do not know how to operate one, but it would be great to sail out on the open water and just take it all in.

I am envious of young twenty somethings who are planning their futures.
Moving, attending school, planning weddings. I had a great night with the girls, but it is hard to accept that you are past that stage of excitement.
I had a wonderful talk with the med student who just got back from Cambodia. She met a man who was imprisoned and was made to plant landmines out in the farming fields. He feels so guilty that every day he goes out with just a shovel, a pick, and his memory as to where they might be. Even fields that have been cleared are dangerous because of the monsoon season. The landmines flow with the mud and the same fields become full of them all over again. The farmers have no choice but to plant in the fields because they have to have the food to live.
I guess I asked a silly question about the use of metal detectors.
Apparently Americans helped make ones out of plastic and are not detectable. It is just sad.


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