Sunday, July 24, 2005

Is it Really Over?

What a great week we had. On Monday, we decided to stop overnight in the city where G graduated from college and my best friend and I put in a few semesters. We walked through the nature trails, went to the popular ice cream stand, and went to the U.C to check out the changes. We obviously went through at dinner time because they asked for our cards. I started to giggle when I realized they were asking for our dinner cards to be scanned. I mentioned that I would probably not have it even if I were still a student because it was not uncommon for me to have lost it somewhere. My best friend, or I, always had to get a replacement on a monthly basis.
We found the U.C. store to be closed until the next morning, so on our way out of town we stopped back and discovered all the clothes and a lot of other stuff was 50 percent off. We purchased several shirts and other things to remember our college years.

On Tuesday, we traveled the remaining distance to the campground. We thought the kids would arrive at the same time, but they stopped to see Al Capone's hideout (dad is a fan) farther up north and they were late. We decided to meet up for my birthday dinner in town and we had a great time. The kids were very excited and it brings back memories of my childhood. They were anxious to get to the campground to eat cake and hunt for frogs down by the lake. Gretch worked on getting us a great campfire so that we could toast marshmallows for s'mores. (Yes, we ate a lot of junk on this trip.)
After frog hunting, playground playing, and eating too much, we tried to stay up late enough to see the stars and satellites that are magnificent in the north woods. I don't believe I have been in a better place to see them.
Everyone was much to tired to make it until 10 o'clock, so my friends went in to their hotel and we slept in the camper.
On Wednesday, we all went into town and ate breakfast at Paul Bunyan's restaurant. It is a yearly tradition, as it is the place were I had my first job. It is a huge tourist attraction. You eat on wooden tables and benches and use tin cups and plates. The food comes out family style and it is very unhealthy and extremely good! The rest of the day was spent at the lake swimming, paddleboat riding, and roasting hotdogs over the campfire. It was sunny and about 80 the whole time we were gone. You can't get better weather.
On Thursday, we said goodbye to the kids and basically relaxed on the deck of our camper. We read for hours, took a few hikes, and sat by the campfire talking about New York, and how much we didn't want to leave the next day.
Our neighbors were playing loud music that I identified, I think, as Ann Murray. They were so 70's, it looked like they never left. The woman had her Daisy Dukes on and the beer never stopped flowing. Poor Gretch, after our $100 meals in New York, I subjected her to this. She was quite a good camper, although we were hardly camping. The camper is fully equipped with everything you need.
On Friday we packed up and headed to my hometown to meet my mom and one of my sisters for lunch. My other sister was on her way up to the camper with her family already. They can stay there for six months out of the year. Hard to imagine, but I spent a whole summer there and worked at the restaurant when I was 18. You kind of have to grow up like that or you could never tolerate the situation. You become one with nature very quickly. Anyway, we had lunch with part of my family and headed home.

We basically just dumped our stuff in the middle of the living room and walked around it on Saturday. We were rather depressed about being home. I went to watch the nine year old play baseball. It was his first time pitching in Little League baseball. I was so nervous for him, but he did a great job. Later on I gave in and went to see War of the Worlds with Gretch. I totally hated it. When the big machine like aliens came out of the ground I crossed my arms and started to complain, but the mention of how she sat through Bewitched silenced me. We do not have the same tastes in movies. Not that Bewitched was good, because it wasn't , but I love Nicole Kidman. Tom Cruise is and ass, his girlfriend is weak. I have no respect for people who change religions so quickly.
No, dating Tom Cruise is not a life changing moment that should cause such a case. Ugh! I have more respect for people who do not agree with me on religious matters than for those who just up and change with the wind. Give me a break.
Now it is Sunday, it is also 99 degrees outside, but do to the five pounds she gained on our vacation she made me walk while she tried to run a few laps. I really think she is thinking about marathon running again.
I think it is the whole Tour'de France thing. Did I mention that we watched it nonstop sometimes twice a day totaling six hours. I am such a bike fan now. It was difficult up north when they barely mentioned any news of the race at all.
So, I guess we are going to grill some chicken tonight and discuss how broke we are and how we have zero vacation time left.
What a great week.


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