Sunday, July 17, 2005

New York City

We are such the tourists, weary tourists at that. We did as much as possible this weekend and there was so much more we would have liked to accomplish, but it was not possible.

It is late already do to weather delays, so this will be short, as we are continuing our adventures tomorrow albeit in a totally different manner.
We may even stop over night in our old college town on our way up north. We don't think we have it in us to drive six hours tomorrow.

Things that stand out:

Crying right out of the cab at Ground Zero. It was absolutely devastating to see.

Phoning my mom in time square just to say, "mom, I'm in the middle of time square!" Hey, I swear five other people were doing the same thing right next to me. We may have looked like geeky Midwest tourists, but no different than the British ones standing near us. Everyone had their heads straight up staring in awe at the sight.

Crying at the end of the Phantom of the Opera. Loved it!

A ridiculous three hours waiting in line at the Empire State Building.

Tearing up at the top of the Empire building when I saw the Statue of Liberty for the first time.

Walking across the Brooklyn Bridge and asking Gretch to tell me about Saturday Night Fever and all the bridge scenes again.

Spending an hour at the New York Public Library. I am having Gretch make special prints of the pictures I took to hang in the condo. I will always be a librarian at heart.

Looking out of our hotel at the top of the Essex House to see the whole Central Park in front of me. Did I mention I have the best girlfriend in the world! Ok, I am sure there are others that are really great too, but Gretch did an outstanding job making this an awesome trip for me. It was actually my birthday gift. She paid extra for the view.

Taking pictures in Central Park this morning when a guy playing some kind of lute broke into a Phantom song and we gave him money because it was just the perfect song in a perfect moment.

Loving New York right now, but thanking God that I do not live there.
I am not a city girl and I certainly couldn't afford it. The little cafe's though, oh I could get used to the little European one that I bought breakfast at this morning.
It was such a great trip, I don't know that we will go back any time soon, but everyone should experience the city once.

Now, camping in the north woods. We have to somehow get up there by Tuesday at 5 to meet my best friends family. They are already up there and we are going out to celebrate my birthday at one of my favorite places that night. A quiet little restaurant that over looks a lake full of loons. A week of nature, and six books, sounds like a plan.


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