Wednesday, July 27, 2005


I am so glad I am not into the dating scene anymore. I was reading about it recently and had to laugh about what people were experiencing. I know a lot of people who have tried online dating and did not have a whole lot of success. My poor athlete friend ended up going out on a date with the same person twice without either one of them even realizing it until they showed up. Hello!! I don't get it, we don't live in a small town or anything. Lots of fish in the sea I would think. Same sex online dating is not unlike the hetro variety. There are nice people, strange people, and those that make excellent friend. Speaking of which, I need to write to my friend Yo and get an update on her life with her partner.
They just moved from Philly back to Virginia and we haven't been keeping up very well. I do not care to lose friendships, especially with other gay people. All of our gay friends are Gretchens and it just isn't the same. Yo was such a great friend through my problems with J. I am sure she was very sick of hearing about the details, but she was the one person who I could tell what I did and not fear rejection. She was up front about her feelings on the situation, but in the next moment she reassured me by placing her trust in my hands. Exactly what I needed.
She is a very funny person. She had this dating survey that she made up and gave to me when we met. It was just a joke, but I think she was kind of serious. She was so young. I actually asked about id when we met and she was totally offended. Love her! I have to write tonight. Her survey:

So I am trying to come up with an application for my next girlfriend. Let me try it out on you...
I will date any girl who:
1. Has at least a three year college education or associates degree in some other technical field.
2. Knows how to use a telephone book.
3. Is at least 20 years old
4. does not live with any "ex"
5. Has a reliable vehicle to drive
6. knows how to read a map
7. is a democrat
8. does not come from a state that boarders Texas or is from a rectangle state.
9. is not from texas
10. knows how to use a dictionary
11. has a full-time job or is currently enrolled as a full-time student
12. knows the definition of "ambition"
13. does NOT live with mommy or daddy
14. can figure out 15% for a tip
15. knows the capital of their home state
16. who can figure out how many letters are in theEnglish alphabet
17. is not a member of a biker club, curling club, orshuffel board club
18. is NOT trying to quit smoking
19. has never had an STD
20. knows that when we say "19th century" we are really talking about the dates 1800-1899 and NOT 1900!
She must have an interest in at least 2 of the following: Reading, Eastern Religions, poetry, music, opera,theatre, philosophy, art, politics, camping, hiking,biking, sports (but not obssessive), ethnic foods,education, psychology, current events, history,foreign films, anthropolgy, medicine. I am not an expert in most of these areas, but I am interested and am looking for someone who can keep up a relatively stimulating conversation.Do not apply if you:1. tan
2. obsessed with going to the mall 3. wear high heals to work every day 4. have a shaved head 5. chew with your mouth open 6. know way too much about farm animals7. smoke 8. don't talk good 9. can't figure out where the great lake states are 10. are in the armed forces
What do you think so far? --yo


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