Friday, July 29, 2005


We went golfing with another couple this morning. Unfortunately, what we thought would take an hour and a half took two and a half hours. That would be nine holes with four players, not good. I never even hit a golf ball before meeting Gretch, so I kind of hack the hell out of it. I can, if I am lucky, hit it pretty far, even hitting the green sometimes. My putting skill are not good so in the end I still blow it. We take the kids mini-golfing, but obviously not enough. It was great exercise thought, pulling the golf bag over the course and doing the walking.
I like this other couple a lot. When I first met them I wasn't feeling a connection, as there were some words about my job, but they have soften on that. Most people, when they get to know me, can be ok with my job. Now they are always calling to do something. I believe we are going out to this place that serves crab legs in buckets in a couple weeks. A place that is very laid back and kind of fun. Personally, I think it is too much work to get to the part of the crab you can eat. I am also not a person that likes to touch food with my fingers. Like you all cared about that fact.

I am running out of Fridays to play. Soon I will be working 50 hours a week. I hope this plan works in the fall. If it doesn't there is not a person I can tell.

I have to finish Empire Falls tonight. A great book, but I have been reading so much other stuff that I can't seem to get through it. I think Christopher Rice is going to be a great writer, but I am having problems with his third book Light Before Day. There are to many minor characters and I can't remember who is doing what. I think I read that his first two are really good. I will have to place them on the never ending list.


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