Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Next Blog

Sometimes when I am on my site, I will hit the Next Blog button and quickly scan a bunch of blogs just to see what other people are writing about.
We seem to have a lot of religious minded people, those politically inclined, and those who are into... well... I don't need traffic from search terms, but I am sure you can use your imagination.
I am surprised by the amount of people who are on trips around the globe writing daily updates about their adventures. I guess that isn't so odd. The best ones are by people who are living abroad for the first time.
I rarely bookmark, I can't keep up with a lot of blogs all at once. I also would be the type to surf on and on and suddenly realize the evening was over. I have to be reading books, so many on the list.
Yesterday I posted a comment on a blog that was highly offensive. Just full of hate and ignorance. I just gave them a couple things to think about, but I am very sure that person will be all over my comment. I don't know the site, I won't be returning.
It is amazing how, as the years go by, we have so much more technology.
It can be scary also. I was reading the People article about those who lost jobs because of their blog. Interesting.
Back to my book. Old fashioned, but still the best way to spend an evening. Ok, in the top three.


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