Thursday, August 04, 2005

Is it Monday Yet?

We went out tonight with a bunch of people for Mexican food. We heard all about the trip to Paris that one of G's friends just got back from. She bought me a dip pen and ink set at the Louvre. I will display it in our mini library. It is an awesome gift and very unexpected. She lived in an apartment for a month with a friend after touring Italy with her parents.
I love to hear travel stories. If it wasn't for Gretch, I am pretty sure that my high school over seas trip and our family Florida trip when I was also in high school would have been the extent of my travel.
We had a little discussion tonight about our thoughts on purchasing a house. I know Gretch doesn't want to do it, she would rather travel. I would be willing to give travel up for the house. This is a huge topic for us. I don't think she can give up the travel. It is unbearable to think that I would have to live like this forever. I want to be outside, plant a garden, just be, without other people being right on top of me. Yesterday as I pulled up I started looking through my mail. When I got out of the car, the lady downstairs came over to me and said she had just knocked on our door because she thought I had forgotten to turn the car off. I was like, "no...I'm right here." I just can't stand it. I am a private person, especially with neighbors. I put in my time with neighbors back in Michigan. They all just walked in without knocking. Dropped their kids off for us to watch all the time.
Ok, enough. I have worse things on the horizon. Like my entire family coming for the weekend sans the brothers-in-law. Two sisters, mom, 4 nieces, a nephew, and a teenage cousin.
This is the first time any of them will be staying with Gretch and I. Just one little problem with that. I don't know how this will all pan out, but I hope to God Gretch has patience and my sister doesn't look to closely at the bookshelves. Nobody to blame but myself.
This could be difficult.


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